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Webdam Brand Connect is smart, simple brand-management technology built for the lightening-fast pace of digital marketing. You can use it to post easily adaptable and distributable brand guidelines, automate brand-management tasks and more – ultimately accelerating marketing operations and creative cycles.

As the Brand Connect admin, you can add and edit brand guidelines, alter the appearance of your brand portal and determine the settings. 

This article covers:


Log in:

  • Log in to Webdam and click Brands in the top navigation.

  • Click the brand you want to manage.

Add and edit brand guidelines:

  • Click Guidelines in the top navigation.

  • Click Add underneath the Brand Guidelines headline.

  • Enter a title for the guidelines (don’t worry, you can change it later), then click the Add button.

  • To add content to your brand guidelines, hover your mouse over the title and click brandconnect-admin_pencil-icon.png.

  • To delete the brand guidelines, click the brandconnect-admin_trash-icon.png icon when you hover over the page title.

Add and edit custom pages.

  • Click Pages in the top navigation.

  • Click Add underneath the Pages headline.

  • Enter a title for the page (don’t worry, you can change it later), then click the Add button.

  • Add content to your custom pages by hovering your mouse over the title and clickingbrandconnect-admin_pencil-icon.png.

  • To delete the custom page, click thebrandconnect-admin_trash-icon.png icon when you hover over the page title.

  • Get more information on configuring custom pages.

Edit the brand portal’s navigation.

  • Click Navigation in the top navigation.

  • Click Add a page to insert a link to one of your custom pages. (The custom page must be created before adding it to the navigation.)

  • Click Add a link to insert a link to any URL.

  • Change the order of pages and links in the navigation by hovering over the title then dragging the brandconnect-admin_move.png icon to reorder.

Manage the brand portal’s appearance.

  • Click Appearance in the top navigation, then select the part of the portal you want to change.

    • Font: Styles all text throughout your portal in the selected font. Supports 800+ Google fonts.


    • Header: Edit the background color, link color and height of your brand portal header.

    • Footer: Change the copy at the bottom of your brand portal.
    • Homepage: Add design, copy and functionality elements using code and widgets. Get more information on configuring the homepage.
    • Login: Insert a logo, header, background image and color to your brand portal’s login page.

Avoid using these custom HTML tags, as they can cause errors when displaying or editing Brand Connect:

  • <html>
  • <head>
  • <body>
  • <!DOCTYPE>
  • <style> (Instead, enter CSS code directly in the CSS tab.)
  • Do not reference external JavaScript libraries.

Edit the brand portal’s settings.

  • Click Settings in the top navigation.

  • Change the title of the portal, adjust security permissions, set the language and other settings.

  • Click the Save button when you’re finished.

Upgrade to Brand Connect Plus.

Want to build guidelines for multiple brands, publish unlimited assets and create more custom pages? Email your Customer Success Manager about upgrading to Brand Connect Plus. 




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  • Comment author
    Cristina Estrada-Eligio

    Can you please add info here about the "section icon" feature? Which of these icons should we select if we want that page to appear as one of the "black boxes" in the Brand Connect home page?

  • Comment author
    Permanently deleted user

    @Cristina - Thank you for the suggestion. We will be sure to update the articles to include more information on the section icon. In the meantime, when hovering your mouse over the section/subsection that you would like to update, choose the Manage (wrench) icon. Here, you will be able to select the icon. Your selection will display when you add your Brand Guidelines to the homepage.

  • Comment author
    Melissa Smith

    I'm having a lot of trouble editing the Brand Guideline pages. The elements on the pages are difficult to drag over to the actual page and once on the page are difficult to move and adjust. It seems buggy. Are there any fixes on the horizon for this?

  • Comment author
    Phillip Liu

    @Melissa, I've noticed this problem occasionally as well. Do you have specific steps to consistently reproduce the problem?

  • Comment author
    Jennifer Vanoni

    I have this same problem with dragging the elements on the pages. I can select it and drag but the elements won't actually drop onto the page.

  • Comment author
    ICON Interactive

    This seems to happen more often when a large amount of content is added within a single section of the brand guidelines. The only solution I have found is to zoom way out, click and drag the element over, then zoom back in to type/add the content itself.

  • Comment author
    Bill Keiffer

    The best way to deal with the hangups when making the edits is to save the page. it's a little quirk of the editor. I usually find myself saving every few changes to keep everything smooth.


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