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Configure the Homepage

Read below to learn how to change the look of your brand portal homepage, including adding and editing elements.

Log in:

  1. Log in to Webdam and click Brands in the top navigation.

  2. Click the brand you want to configure.

  3. In the top navigation, click Appearance and select Homepage.

Configure elements:

Now you’re ready to configure. The elements are on the left – here’s what they do:

  • Folder: Drag and drop the  element to display a folder on the homepage. Note that a folder must contain at least one image in order for it to display on the homepage. The assets contained in this folder will be visible to ALL users that can view your Brand Connect portal, but only users with permissions can download them.
  • Lightbox: Drag and drop the  element to display one of your existing lightboxes on the homepage. The assets contained in this lightbox will be visible to ALL users that can view your Brand Connect portal, but only users with permissions can download them.
  • Brand Guidelines: Drag and drop the  element to display your brand guidelines on the homepage.
  • Description: Drag and drop the  element to display text on the homepage.
  • Filled Description: Drag and drop the  element to display text on a copy block on the homepage.
  • HTML: Drag and drop the  element to insert HTML and CSS (for instance: embed a YouTube link) on the homepage.
  • Search: You can also use the HTML  element to add a search box on the homepage. After dragging the HTML element onto the homepage, copy and paste the following into the element: <webdambp.headersearch></webdambp.headersearch> 

Click Preview in the top bar, then click Back to go back to the editing screen.

When you’re ready to publish, click Publish. When you’re finished, click Exit.

Adjust elements:

  • Resize: Click the  icon to change the size of the element.

  • Move: Click and drag the icon to change the order of the element.

  • Edit: Click the  icon to add or replace the assets in image, folder or lightbox element.

  • Delete: Click the icon to delete the element.

Carousel image tips:

  • For optimal display, make your carousel images  1,265x435 pixels.
  • If you want to add text over an image, add images o the carousel with the subject or focal point a little left or right of center.
  • The center of an image is the main focus, and resizing the carousel or viewing the homepage on a phone or tablet will crop the image around the center.
  • You may need to edit your images to fit these requirements.
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  • Avatar
    Marita Ayala

    For the carousel the images are showing up pixelated even though they are high resolution images. I've had to end up reducing the element size just to make it look decent. Any reason why this is happening? It would also be helpful if they was a way to size the photo within the carousel no matter what size you have the element box resized to.

  • Avatar
    Brett Masters

    @Marita - Thank you for reaching out about this. If you have not yet done so, can you please reach out directly to the support team about the issue you are experiencing? Thank you!

  • Avatar
    Dana Eudy

    I am having the same issue with images pixelating and I have resized them to the suggested 1265x435 pixels size. What DPI do you suggest? Can you confirm the number of images the carousel will hold? Are their size maximums to how large an image can be? We're trying to rotate between 8-10 images - system is maxing out at 6 and the last page is appearing with a grey screen. I have put in a support ticket as well

  • Avatar
    Brett Masters

    Hi Dana - Thank you for reaching out. The support team will be able to assist with this.

  • Avatar
    Dana Eudy

    Can you update this section so it includes steps to publish a single image to a folder rather than a grid since the automated cropping of images doesn't look great.