Crop and Video Clip Tools

The Webdam crop tool makes it easy to crop and resize images – and works in tandem with the conversion options to change file type, resolution and color space – without moving the image from Webdam.

Additionally, you can also create video clips. Choose any video and create a snippet or clip of the section you want.

This article will review the following topics: 


Crop Tool

The Webdam crop tool works with JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF and BMP formats. Admins can configure which groups have the ability to crop.

Open the crop tool:

  • Click an image. Click the Download button in the actions toolbar.


  • Add preset effects using the Desired preset dropdown menu.

  • In the download option window, hover over the image and click crop_icon.png in the top-right corner. You may have to first click Show Preview, if you had created a custom preset. 


Select the crop area:

  • Adjust the crop frame by clicking and holding on any of the blue anchor points. The width and height numbers will adjust automatically.


  • Zoom in on the image by clicking . Zoom out by clicking .

  • Adjust the size of the crop frame while maintaining the aspect ratio (the proportional relationship between width and height) static by clicking the  icon.

  • Return the crop frame to the entire image by clicking the Reset button.

Download the cropped image:

  • Once you’re finished adjusting the image, click the Submit button.

  • Click Accept on the terms window, if applicable.

  • Your download will begin automatically.


Video Clip Tool

Note: This feature is currently only available in Webdam.

Open the clipping tool:

  • Click a video. Click the Download button in the actions toolbar.
  • In the download option window, hover over the video and click crop_icon.png in the top-right corner.

Create a clip:

  • To choose the length of your desired clip, either:
    • Drag the time markers to the desired start and end points, or
    • Specify the length of the desired clip in timestamp window. This will create a transparent window that you can drag to any point in the video-frame preview pane.


  • Use the Preview button to view your selected clip.
    • Should you want to adjust your selection, either move the start/stop time markers, move the entire selection window or press reset to start over completely.

Download a clip:

  • Once you have your desired clip, click Submit and accept the Terms & Conditions (if applicable) to download.
  • Your download will begin automatically. 


Video Tutorial

Watch our short video for a quick walkthrough of the cropping and clipping tools. 












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