Version Control


You can view and manage current and previous versions of assets in Webdam.

Note: Version control is available to customers with Professional and Enterprise subscription plans. If you would like to upgrade your subscription plan, please contact your customer success manager or email for additional information.

This article covers the following topics:


View versioned assets:

In Webdam, versioned assets will display a version number next to the file name on the asset thumbnail and in the asset details panel.

In Brand Connect, users will only see the latest version – they won’t be able to view version history or an indication of versioning.



Version history:

You can view thumbnails of all previous versions of an asset along with upload dates and comments.

  • Log into Webdam and select the asset.

  • From the asset details page, click Versions on the actions toolbar.

  • The current and previous versions of the asset will display. You can comment on the current or previous version and view, download, restore and delete previous versions.

  • When finished, click Done.




Automatic versioning:

When an asset is uploaded with the same filename as a previously uploaded asset, automatic versioning adds the asset as a new version of the previous one. Both files remain in Webdam.

  • Log into Webdam.

  • Click on the top navigation and select System Preferences.

  • In the Assets section, configure the setting:
    • Version uploaded assets with the same name: When enabled, an asset uploaded to a folder where its filename already exists will be added as a new version of that asset.
      • When the setting is disabled, the newly uploaded asset’s filename will append with “_1” when uploaded to a folder where its filename already exists.
    • You also have the option to apply metadata from the new version or the current version:
      • If you want to retain the metadata from the original asset, choose the Apply metadata from current version option.
      • If you want to save the metadata from the newly uploaded version, choose the Apply metadata from new version option.

  • Click Save.




Manual versioning:

Admins and contributors with upload permission for a folder can manually version assets.

  • Log into Webdam and select the asset.

  • From the asset details page, click in the actions toolbar and select Add version.

  • Click Choose file and enter a comment (optional).
  • Click Upload.






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  • Avatar
    Cristina Estrada-Eligio

    There is something missing on this page. For example, which option sends an automatic notification to users when an asset is updated: replace asset file or or upload new version? Please clarify. Thanks.

  • Avatar
    Janet Garwood

    After I uploaded a new version the original file is still vision in the asset details window. How can I set the new version to be what is visible in that window. If a user sees the old version they can't tell that the new version of the asset is what's available when they download the asset.

  • Avatar
    Brett Masters
  • Avatar
    Brett Masters

    Hi Janet - Thank you for letting us know. The new version should display. Was this happening right after you added a new version? Is it still displaying the old version? If so, can you please request support? If the new version is now displaying, it might have just taken a few minutes for the asset to process.

  • Avatar
    Matt Crandall

    version comments (added when uploading version)are not visible in the version history display or anywhere else I've been able to determine - where are these comments surfaced? what's the point of capturing them if you can't see them?  I added a comment to v2 of this asset when I uploaded it, but it is no where to be seen.

    Edited by Matt Crandall
  • Avatar
    Andrew Desabatino

    Why cant users view version history in brand connect?

  • Avatar
    Rita Ryan

    When you upload a new version that has been converted (from .mp3 to .wav, for instance), it has the same filename (prefix) but different file type (suffix). The documentation indicates that the same filename will version to v2 (or next sequential ver#), but what about the file extension? When we upload the same filename with a different file extension, it uploads as a new file and that is not what we want.

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