New Asset Viewer for Workstream

As of July 12, 2018 users will find a new interface for viewing assets within Workstream.  The new asset viewer provides an updated UI and new features for browsing assets.  Some of the key features include: 

Below you can find a detailed overview of the new asset experience.



In the new viewer, you’ll find the most critical features for navigating, editing, and updating assets:


Starting in the upper left corner and working clockwise, you’ll find the following features:

  • Filename: View and edit filenames
  • Version: Identify the version of the current asset
  • Download: Download originals or conversions of the asset
  • Sharing: Get links for the asset on Brand Connect, the Core DAM, direct assets links, or embeddable links
  • Editing Options
    • Change the viewer style
    • Duplicate the asset
    • Set asset expiration
    • Rotate
    • Recreate thumbnail (preview)
  • Metadata: View and edit metadata
  • Keywords: View and edit keywords
  • Approvals: Send assets for approval, approve or reject assets, generate and annotate proofs
  • Navigation: Scroll and click to any other asset in the Workstream task


Metadata and Keywords

You can make edits to the Metadata and Keywords of any asset.  When you click the button for either option, a new panel will open in the asset viewer.  The panels can be moved or resized as needed.


When editing metadata, click to save your edits before leaving the window.  In the keyword editor, you can select from your predefined keyword taxonomy or add keywords by typing and pressing enter or tab.  Multiple keywords can be added by using a comma between terms.


Navigate and Zoom

Navigating to other assets in the task can be done either by scrolling images with the “<” and “>” hover buttons or in the panel list at the bottom of the viewer.  You can also take a closer look at any asset by zooming and panning as needed.  To zoom, hover over the image and use the zoom slider.  Panning is done by clicking and dragging on the asset.



Download, Share, and Edit

To download the image, click on the download button.  In the following panel, you’ll be able to select whichever downloads you have access to (originals, watermarked, presets, or custom conversions).  Click the Sharing button and select “Get Links” to copy links for the Brand Connect, Core DAM, Direct Links, and Embeddables.  Some of these options may not be available based on your account subscription and group permissions. 


In the context menu, you can switch between light and dark themes for the viewer, set expiration dates on the asset, as well as some basic edits like rotation and duplication. 


Proofing and Approval

The proofing icon will open the panel for approving and proofing assets.  You can generate a proof, delete a proof, or view an existing proof.  From the same location, you can also send the asset for approval either to an individual, or to a predefined approval path.  



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