Request Forms

Request forms are configurable forms that, when completed and submitted, are used to trigger the creation of a new task in Workstream.

This article covers how to:


Create Request Forms:
Request forms can only be created by admins.

  • Log in to Workstream and click Manage on the secondary navigation.

  • Click Request Forms.


  • Click +New Form in the upper right-hand corner to create a new form template.
  • Enter a name for the form. When users search for and submit the form, this will be the name that displays.
  • Drag the desired field(s) from the left panel and drop into the body of the form.


Field Types

  • System Fields: Values added to these fields display in the task details page. To edit the text in these fields, add a field to a form, select the text displayed in the field name and enter your desired field name.
    • Email
    • Assignee
    • Due Date
    • Task Description
    • Keywords - keywords entered by the requester will be automatically applied to assets added to the task from your computer.
    • Attachments

  • Custom Fields: These fields can be customized for the specific form. Once the field is added, enter the desired label.
    • Short Answer
    • Long Answer
    • Dropdown - rows will auto-populate with add an item, enter text for the dropdown option on each row.
    • Date
    • Checkboxes - click add an item to enter the checkbox options.
    • Multiple Choice - click add an item to enter the choice options.
  • Static Fields: These fields are fixed in the form. They are typically added to provide more details about the request form.
    • Title
    • Image - allows images to be attached to the request form.
    • Description
  • Click Preview to show a preview of the form from a requester’s perspective.

  • Click Save to save the form as a draft, which is only accessible by admins.

  • Click Publish to save and publish the form. Once published, the form will be available to the Workstream groups listed in the Settings.

Edit a field

  • Move: Click and hold Screen_Shot_2017-04-24_at_8.51.36_AM.png to move the field to its new location in the form.

  • Delete: Click Screen_Shot_2017-04-24_at_8.58.23_AM.png .

  • Require: Toggle the slider to the right to make a field required.




  • Click Settings in the bottom right, below the field options.

  • Who can submit: all Logged In user groups will have access to the request form by default.
    • To add groups, start typing the name of the group that should be able to submit this form and click it when it appears in the list. Add all groups that should have access to this request form.  

    • To remove groups, hover your mouse over the group name and click the x icon.

  • The Auto notify and Auto assign fields can be used if the form will create a task that will always be completed or reviewed by a specific person.  


  • Publish to Brand Portal: To allow non-Workstream users to complete request forms, the form must be published to a Brand Connect portal.


Edit Request Forms:

  • Log in to Workstream and click Manage on the secondary navigation.

  • Click Request Forms.

  • Click the request form that you want to edit.


Unpublish, Duplicate or Delete Request Forms:

  • Log in to Workstream and click Manage on the secondary navigation.

  • Click Request Forms.

  • To Unpublish a request form, toggle the slider to the right. To publish it again, toggle the slider back to the left.

  • Hover your mouse over the request form that you want to duplicate or delete and click the kabob_small.png icon.
  • Select the following

    • Duplicate - to make a copy of the request form.

    • Delete - to delete the request form.


Submit a Request Form from Workstream:
Workstream users can submit request forms in Workstream. Non-Workstream users can submit request forms in Brand Connect. Completed request forms become tasks in Workstream.

  • Log in to Workstream.

  • Click +New Task in the upper right.

  • Click Get Started under the request form that you’d like to complete. Only request forms that a user has permission to view will be displayed.


  • Complete the form.

  • Click Save for Later to save a draft, or click Submit to create a new task.


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