Downloading Assets

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Download access:

Download access is set by the administrator and is controlled by group permissions. (Read more about configuring users and groups.)

Downloading assets:

You can download a single asset or a group of assets.

  1. Select the asset(s) you want to download. (For multiple assets, hold down the Ctrl key on a PC or the command key on a Mac.)

  2. Click the Download button on the actions toolbar.

Set the desired preset, crop (if applicable), and click Submit.

If you are downloading multiple assets, the download will be packaged as a .ZIP file and may take a few moments to generate. An email will be sent once the download is ready.



Desired presets:

You can convert assets upon download by choosing a desired preset configured by the system admin from the dropdown and/or creating your own custom preset. These options depend on the group permissions. (Read more about configuring users and groups.)

To create a custom preset:

  • Choose Custom from the desired preset.

  • Select the file format from the dropdown.

  • Set the resolution, dimensions and color space as needed. If left blank, the file will retain its original setting when downloaded.

  • If you’d like to save the preset for future use, check the box next to Save these settings and enter a name for the setting.


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