Webdam Connector for Adobe Creative Cloud: How to Use


No more broken design links! When you use the Webdam Connector for Adobe Creative Cloud, all of the files linked to your design are available to anyone with Webdam. (Access depends on having permission to the folder(s) containing the assets.) This also reduces file size because there is no need to embed images.

This article reviews the following topics: 

For an overview of the Connector and installation instructions, refer to How to Install the Webdam Connector for Adobe Creative Cloud.

Note: Webdam Connector for Adobe Creative Cloud is an add-on feature. If you would like to add this to your Webdam subscription, please contact your Customer Success Manager or email success@webdam.com for additional information.


Log in to the Connector:

  • Open InDesign, Photoshop or Illustrator.

  • Create a new file or open an existing one.

  • Click Window on the top navigation. 

  • From the Extensions section, choose Webdam CC Connector.

  • If you are not prompted to log in, click the  icon in the upper-right of the Connector panel and select Authorize.

  • Enter your Webdam credentials and click Login.

  • Click Yes to grant access to your account.

Use the Connector:

  • BrowseDouble-click the folders in the Connector.
    • View the folder tree by clicking the folder name on the Connector header. To go back a level, click Home or a parent folder. You can also click the  icon to go back to the previous folder.

  • Search: Click the  icon, enter a search term and click Search.
    • Set the toggle to green to refine your search to supported files.

  • Preview: Double-click an asset in the Connector to see a larger preview.

  • Add: From the thumbnail view, drag and drop assets into the document from the Connector.

  • Upload document to Webdam:
    • Save the document to your computer.

    • In the Connector, navigate to the folder where you would like to upload the document.

    • Click the  icon on the top-right of the Connector panel and select Upload Document.

    • Now your file and any locally linked assets (InDesign only, see below for more information) will be saved in Webdam for you or other team members to access. There’s no need to package the file, because all of your links will pull linked files directly from Webdam.

Additional information on using the Webdam Connector in InDesign:

The Webdam Connector lets you drag and drop images from Webdam into InDesign to create direct, URL-based links.

In addition to the above functionality, you may also do the following:

  • Update resolution: Double-click the  icon in the links panel to toggle between-low res and high-res assets. You can update all links at once by holding down Option (Mac) or Alt (Windows) as you double-click the  icon.
  • Updating version: If a new version of an asset has been added in Webdam, you’ll see a  icon in the Links panel. Double-click it to update to the latest version. (Read more about Version Control.)

  • Moving assets in Webdam: There will be no impact on the links if an asset used in the InDesign document is moved in Webdam.

If you need to distribute an InDesign to someone who does not have Webdam, you can use the InDesign Package command with the option to include copies of the assets from Webdam in the output file.

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  • Avatar
    Evan Wimperis

    Warning! EPS files lose transparency thus you must use AI files.

  • Avatar
    Sean Johnson

    Hi Evan,

    It is recommended that users save ESP files in the EPS10 format. This process should support the transparency.

  • Avatar
    Meghan Howell

    Anyone had any issues with the following - In photoshop, in the connector, you search for an item, then in the results you cannot drag an item into your file?

  • Avatar
    Travis T.

    HI Meghan - can you please provide more information?

    - What OS are you using?
    - What Adobe application is affected?
    - What version of Adobe are you using?
    - What version of the of the connector are you using?

    Thank you.

  • Avatar
    Meghan Howell

    Hi Travis -

    MacOS Sierra 10.12.4
    Photoshop is the only one I've tried
    Creative Cloud 2017
    The most recent connector (only been installed a couple of weeks)

  • Avatar
    Daniel Gutierrez

    I am running into a similar issue as Meghan Howell. When dragging from webdam, into PS & AI, the asset is opened in a new document. When dragging into ID I get "Cannot create the link resource from the given URL."

    I am running Sierra 10.12.4 and Adobe CC. Not sure connector version.

    Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  • Avatar
    Patrick Gallagher

    I'm also encountering the "Cannot create the link resource from the given URL." issue from ID as well. I'm using Windows 10, Adobe CC 2017 and the most recent version of connector.

  • Avatar
    Sean Johnson

    Thanks for reaching out to Webdam Support!

    Here are the most recent versions of the Adobe Connector:
    Mac: https://siliconpublishingdev.box.com/s/sc55444olvgjovxyl5xmu6q1uwrk5bic

    Win: https://siliconpublishingdev.box.com/s/1e6y8ldox4c55sxzpqeebkpt5tus6tbj

    If you’re still experiencing this issue after installing this information, performing the following actions should resolve this issue:

    -Close out all Adobe Applications
    -Restart computer
    -Be sure to sign into computer as the system Admin

    If you’ve have any additional issues with this process, please let me know and I’ll be happy to further assist you!


  • Avatar
    Meghan Howell

    Hi Sean - I've done all of the above and I'm still having issues. Right now I have InDesign open and when I try to drag something into a doc I'm getting the same error as Patrick (above)

  • Avatar
    Josh Owens

    I was getting the same error in InDesign as stated above until I cleared my InDesign preferences (press and hold shift+ctrl+alt then open InDesign) and rebooted my machine. Hope this helps. I DO have the same issue that dragging a file from Webdam into PS opens a new document instead of adding it as a new layer.

    Edited by Josh Owens
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