Whitelisting URLs and Troubleshooting


This article reviews:

  • Whitelist URLs
  • Troubleshooting


Whitelist URLs:

The URLs you use to access Webdam may be unintentionally blocked by your company's security. Try whitelisting these URLs to gain access to your account:

  • [YOUR COMPANY NAME].webdamdb.com
  • *.webdamdb.com
  • secure.webdamdb.com
  • cdn1.webdamdb.com
  • cdn2.webdamdb.com
  • cdn3.webdamdb.com
  • cdn4.webdamdb.com
  • https://s3.amazonaws.com/webdamuploads
  • http://storestuff.s3.amazonaws.com
  • downloads3.webdamdb.com
  • global-downloads.webdamdb.com
  • damsuccess.com

It's also helpful to whitelist these IP addresses:


For FTP, please whitelist the IP address and port below:

  • Port 21

For Dynamic Templates, please whitelist the addresses below:

  • host flex.printui.com
  • flex.printui.com
  • webapp-1225300199.us-east-1.elb.amazonaws.com

Not receiving notifications or emails from Webdam? Make sure you check your spam folder and mark any Webdam emails as not spam.

We also recommend that your IT team whitelists the following domains on your mail server:

  • *@webdam.com
  • *@webdamdb.com

Note: There might be times when new URLs and IP addresses are either added or removed. We will do our best to update this document when there are changes. Please enter a request with any questions or concerns.


First things first: Try clearing your cache. Then try using an alternate browser. These often solve issues with assets not downloading or pages not loading.

Below are a few examples of situations that certain customers face. If you or any Webdam users experience the below issues, please run the following tests:

  • Situation: Emails from Webdam, such as notification or sharing emails, not being received.
    • Test: Email a link or email a download to an email address outside of your company's email domain, such as to your personal email address. If it’s received, the Webdam email delivery address needs to be whitelisted. If it’s not received, please enter a request.

  • Situation: Assets aren’t downloading.
    • Test: Connect to the Internet using a MiFi or your phone’s personal hotspot, then log into Webdam and download assets. If the download works, the Webdam URL or IP address needs to be whitelisted. If the download doesn’t work, please enter a request.

  • Situation: The login page is not loading or showing HTML.
    • Test: Connect to the Internet using a MiFi or your phone’s personal hotspot and navigate to the login screen. If the login page is loading and/or showing HTML, the Webdam URL or IP address needs to be whitelisted. If the download doesn’t work, please enter a request.
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    Teresa Metcalfe

    As the administrator, I would find it quite handy if the UI displayed somewhere on the screen who was logged in. Many sites have an unobtrusive spot, often near the upper right corner of the screen, indicating something like, “Logged is as [xxx]”. When I am testing user experience, or setting up permissions, etc., using profiles other than my own, it would be helpful to be able to see who I’m logged in as (particularly if my work has been significantly interrupted by a visitor or a meeting). Non-administrators might find this handy, too.

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    Nipul Roy

    When logging into your account and the password is entered incorrectly too many times, your account will be locked for 30 minutes. The lock out is IP based which means at your currently location, you will not be able to log in for 30 minutes.

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