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Webdam makes it easy to share assets in your DAM or embed those assets in a web page or email.  Your core assets will remain secure inside the DAM, but admins and contributors have access to links that can be used or shared externally.  Some common uses of these links include:

  • Using images in custom HTML elements of your Brand Connect
  • Creating a gallery on an external website
  • Sharing quick previews with business partners
  • Creating an email with images from the DAM

Note: Some features are only available to enterprise edition customers.


To share a link or embed an asset:

  • Log into Webdam.

  • Double click an asset to see its asset details page.

  • Click the get links icon Screen_Shot_2017-11-06_at_11.00.18_AM.png in the actions toolbar. The Get Links window will display the following links:
      • Page Links
      • Direct and Embeddable Links
      • Direct Download Link
      • Public File Links

Here’s how they work:

    • Page links: Links to the asset details page. The Brand Connect link points directly to the asset on your Brand Connect and the Webdam Admin link points to the asset in your Core Library. Users who click the link will need to log into Webdam and have group permissions to access the asset.

    • Direct link: Links to a preview of the asset in the browser. People who click the link will be able to save the asset and are not required to log into Webdam to view it. You can choose the maximum pixel size for this preview before sending by selecting a value in the Embeddable size section. The direct links can be used on most external platforms, but Webdam does not track usage data.
    • Embeddable link: HTML code that embeds the asset into a blog, website, etc. You can choose the maximum pixel size for this asset before embedding by selecting a value in the Embeddable size section. You do not need a Webdam login to view the asset. The embeds can be used on most external platforms, and Webdam tracks download data in your reports.

    • Direct Download Link: A link to the original asset. An external user will not need to login to access it. By default, direct download links don't expire. If necessary, you can click the Expiration dropdown to set the expiration for the asset. 

      No expiration
      The direct download link won't expire. 

      Set date
      Use the date picker to set the expiry date for the direct download link. 

      Expire with the asset
      Select this option if you want the direct download link to expire at the same moment as the asset expires.

    • Public File Links: This link functions as the base URL, which you can use to create Dynamic Asset Transformations (DAT). Read more about about Dynamic Asset Transformations.

  • Click Done to close the Get Links screen.


Read more about other Webdam embeddables such as Carousel and Embeddable Downloads.


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