The Webdam API is the underlying interface for building apps using the power of Webdam. The API allows developers to securely read and write from Webdam so your users can push and pull their important files and metadata. You’ll also have access to powerful Webdam features such as file sharing, upload, search and more.

In order to use the API, you'll need to create and use an admin account within the system. Please ask your DAM admin to assist you with an account if you don't already have one.

If API usage/analytics is important to your organization, consider using a unique admin seat for the API.

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    Lee Metcalfe

    Is there a method to retrieve an assets in a given format and size or download an asset based on a given preset?

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    Brett Masters

    Hi Lee- Thank you so much for reaching out. Your customer success manager, Scott, will be reaching out to you directly about this. Thanks!

  • Avatar
    Keith Holland

    Bump. Was there ever a solution provided for the above question?

  • Avatar
    Sean Johnson

    Hi Keith,
    Currently, the Original file is the only file type that may be retrieved using the Rest API.

    Thanks for the feature idea! I'm passing it on to our product team.

    I also recommend that you add your idea to our customer community so other users can vote on it. You can add the idea at: Ideas & Suggestions. We monitor all the suggestions and ideas very closely.

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