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Registration Rules

Admins can automate new user approvals and permissions through the use of registration rules. You can set rules to automatically add users to certain groups and/or have them approved based on email domain, IP address or a response in a custom field.

Note: Registration Rules are available to customers with enterprise subscription plans. If you would like to upgrade your subscription plan, please contact your customer success manager or email for additional information.

This article will cover:

  • Create a registration rule

  • Edit or delete a registration rule

  • Update status


Create a registration rule:

  • Log into Webdam.

  • Click and select System preferences.

  • Click Registration Rules in the left navigation panel.
  • In the actions toolbar, click .


  • Enter the rule name, which will only be seen by admins.

  • Click the dropdown next to Add newly registered users to and select the group that you want to add the users to.

  • Set the rule conditions to identify the target group of users based on their email domain, IP address or a custom field. (Read more about creating custom fields and configuring the registration form.)

  • You can create multiple conditions by clicking Add a rule.

    If the rule is based on email domain, be sure to add all subdomains to the rule. For example, a global company might include a condition for (for European employees), (for American employess) and (for APAC employees).

  • Check the box next to Activate new users upon registration if you want the users to gain immediate access to the Webdam account.
  • Click Save.

Edit or delete a registration rule:

  • Log into Webdam.
  • Click and select System Preferences.

  • Click Registration Rules in the left navigation panel.

  • Click under the actions row for the registration rule that you want to update.

  • Select Edit to change the rule or Delete to remove the rule.


Update status:

You can turn on and off registration rules by updating the status. A [green] icon means that the rule is active and in use while a [red] icon means that the rule is inactive and not in use.

  • Log into Webdam.

  • Click the [gear] icon and select System Preferences.

  • Click Registration Rules in the left navigation panel.

  • Click or   to update the status.
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  • Avatar
    Dana Eudy

    Is there a limit to the number or rules that can be added to EDIT REGISTRATION RULES FIELD(S) We currently have 2 and would like to add another 2 for a total of 4 and may need to continue to expand.

  • Avatar
    Brett Masters

    Hi Dana - I am not currently aware of any limit on the number of registration rules that may be created. You should not have any issues adding the additional 2 registration rules.

  • Avatar
    Melissa Smith

    Is it possible the create a registration rule that sends an approval request to have the user added to a group? I would like users to select a file option, which sends a request to an email address to approve their access the that group. How would I go about that? Thanks!

  • Avatar
    Brett Masters

    Hi Melissa. Thank you so much for reaching out. Apologies, but I am not sure that I understand your question completely. Are you curious about creating a rule when users register or when they attempt to download an asset?

  • Avatar
    Patrick Cooney

    I'm looking for a way to automatically activate the user contingent upon them PROVING ownership of the email address by clicking a link in an email or something similar. Is this possible?