Create Custom Fields and Configure Forms

Admins can create custom fields for the registration and download request forms, allowing you to gather important information from users during the registration process – like their department, title or how they’ll be using the asset.

Note: Custom fields and configurable registration and download request forms are available to customers with Enterprise subscription plans. If you would like to upgrade your subscription plan, please contact your customer success manager or email for additional information.

This article covers the following topics:


Create a custom field:

  • Log into Webdam.

  • Click and select System Preferences.

  • Click Custom Fields in the left-hand navigation.

  • Click in the actions toolbar.



  • Select the Field Type from the drop down menu.
    • If you choose Picklist, enter the picklist values in the Options section You can also set the default value that displays to your users.

    • You can also alphabetize your picklist, click the box next to Sort Alphabetically. Any time you add a new value, you'll need to sort the list again to alphabetize it. If desired, after sorting you can reorder values to keep more common inputs at the top of your list.


  • Enter the label and name. The label will display to your users, while the name is only seen by the admin.

  • Click Save.



Edit or delete a custom field:

  • Click for the field that you want to edit.

  • Select Edit to modify the field or Delete to remove the custom field.



Configure the registration or download request form:

  • Log into Webdam.
  • Click and select System Preferences.
  • Click Configure Forms in the left-hand navigation.
  • Click for the form you want to configure and select Edit

Add a custom field:


  • Click +Add field in the actions toolbar.
  • Select a previously created custom field from the dropdown or click create a new field
  • Click Add.

Remove a field: Click under the Actions column for the field you want to remove.

Order: Click and hold the icon, then drag and drop to the desired location.

Require: Check the box in the required column for the field that you want users be required to complete.

  • Click the Save changes button.


Helpful information:

  • You can create registration rules based on responses to custom fields to automatically add users to certain groups and/or automatically have them approved. (Read more about registration rules.)

  • Some fields of the registration and download request form cannot be edited, removed or rearranged.

  • The same custom field can be added to both the registration and download request forms.



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