Metadata Templates

Metadata Templates

Metadata Templates can be used to apply a set of metadata values to a group of assets upon upload or as a batch edit. This set of metadata can include specific values for active fields as well as keywords.

This article covers the following topics:


Create a metadata template:

  • Log into Webdam, click  and select Metadata Schema.
  • Click Metadata Templates in the left-hand navigation.
  • Click in the actions toolbar.
  • Click Save.
  • Once created, you can duplicate templates. Click the wrench__1_.png icon and select Duplicate. This is a helpful shortcut when you need to make templates that are very similar aside from a few small differences.


Apply a metadata template to a folder:

When a metadata template is applied to a folder, any assets uploaded into that folder will automatically adopt the metadata from the template. However, the metadata template will not be applied to the assets already residing in or moved to the folder.


There are two ways to apply metadata templates to a folder:

Option 1:

  • Log into Webdam, click  and select Metadata Schema.
  • Click Metadata Templates in the left-hand navigation.
  • Click the number under the Number of folders applied column. You can also click  and choose Select folders
  • Click the box next to the folder(s) you want the metadata template applied to.
  • To apply the metadata template to nested folders, switch the Apply to Nested toggle for the parent folder to Yes

(Note: The toggle will always default to No. The toggle can be updated when changing the metadata templates for a specific folder.)

  • Click Save

Option 2:

  • Log into Webdam.

  • Click next to the appropriate folder in the folder tree and select Edit.
  • At the bottom of the dialogue window, choose a template from the Apply metadata template dropdown. You can also choose to Apply settings to all nested folders with the checkbox.

  • Click Save.



Apply a metadata template to an asset(s):

Admins and contributors can apply a metadata template to assets.

  • Log into Webdam.

  • Select the asset you want to edit.
  • In the actions toolbar, click  or  Edit-Pencil__2_.png   and select Edit metadata.
  • Select a metadata template in the dropdown menu.

  • You can then make changes to the values as needed.

  • If the metadata should apply (will be added to any pre-existing metadata) to only one asset in the set, use the dropdown to Apply to this Asset Only.
  • If the metadata should be applied to all assets in the set, use the dropdown to Append to all.
  • If the metadata is replacing all existing metadata (overwrites any pre-existing metadata), select Replace All.
  • Click Save.




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