Metadata Mapping & CSV Upload

You can add or update metadata to your assets in bulk using our metadata mapping service, where we map your desired metadata to the assets you have stored in Webdam, or via the CSV Uploader in your DAM.

Metadata mapping is included as part of Webdam Standard Onboarding and also available as an add-on service. The CSV Uploader may need to be enabled in your portal.


Please contact your implementation consultant (IC) or customer success manager (CSM) for more information or to have this enabled.


Metadata Mapping Process

  1. Request a metadata export from your IC or CSM – it will include a list of all your assets and associated metadata in a .csv file. Alternatively, you can export the metadata from a folder, search, or lightbox. 

  2. Open the file and make the necessary edits.
    1. Metadata field names are listed at the top of each column. The values for fields in Title Case cannot be changed, as they are system specific. Fields in CAPS can have their values edited, as they are based on the IPTC/XMP metadata standard.

      For example, the values under the metadata field “CUSTOMFIELD1” can be edited; however  “Filename” and “Path” cannot.

2. Add/update metadata in the cells under the metadata field names.

For example, a group of assets are from the Superfly brand, and you want that information reflected in the assets’ metadata. Using the example above, under the “Brand Name/CUSTOMFIELD1” metadata field on the spreadsheet, include “Superfly” for each appropriate asset.
Important: do not delete Filename or AssetID, as they are required for the mapping.

Metadata Mapping instructions

  1. Once your edits are complete, send the file back to your IC or CSM to map into your DAM. We’ll provide you with an ETA for completion.

CSV Upload instructions

  1. Select Home in the Folders list, then click CSV Upload
  2. Click Select CSV file, then choose the CSV from your computer.
  3. Click Upload.

NOTE: If you have any missing columns or formatting errors, the system will provide an error message with details. We’ll provide success/failure logs and an email confirmation once the process is complete.


NOTE: Saving the .CSV for import as a CSV UTF 8 will allow special characters to be imported.


Additional Details

  • Only Admins & Contributors with upload permission can access to the CSV Uploader, not end users.
  • If you add new columns or data to header-less columns, it will be ignored by the CSV uploader and will not be tagged to the asset.
  • Any metadata columns that are removed from the sheet will be skipped. 
  • Extra/special characters should be cleaned up from the load-ready import file. Any row(s) containing corrupt data will be skipped.
  • Non-Editable columns include:
    • Filename
    • Version
    • File Type
    • Asset ID
    • Path
    • Width
    • Height
    • Date created
    • Date modified
    • Capture Date
    • Expiration Date
    • Status
    • File Size




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