Dynamic Templates: Getting Started Documentation

Below you will find information that will help you get started with using and designing Dynamic Templates.


Designing Templates for PrintUI (download PDF)

PrintUI is all about marrying the power of InDesign with a friendly way for end users to make their own customizations using a Flash-based web editor. Templates are simply InDesign documents in which you specify which layers and frames are customizable by your end users.

NOTE: Multi-size templates are currently unavailable.


Imposing Documents Using PrintUI (download PDF

The Imposition Layer used to create the Imposition Template is an optional layer that must be added during the template initialization. There are many different types of documents that might need to be imposed for output, and the first step in the design process is to decide exactly what sort of imposition you need, download the document to learn about preparing documents for imposition.

Click to download sample Imposition Templates 


Gallery Hosting Guidelines (download PDF)

PrintUI can provide hosting for image galleries that you can use with either PrintUI Professional or with EasyPrintUI. You may add as many gallery tabs as you want, and you use FTP to upload and manage the images that you want to include in the gallery. Although this gallery can meet many needs, it is a very simple implementation and may not meet the needs of all clients.


Built-in Fonts (download PDF)

Download the document to see a list of supported fonts.


Built-in Color Profiles (download PDF)

Download the document to see a list of supported color profiles.




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