Using a Custom Domain

Using a Custom Domain 

You can customize your DAM’s domain name. For example, instead of accessing Webdam through, you could change that domain to

All Webdam accounts are securely encrypted using Secure Socket Layer (SSL). To ensure Webdam account is always secure, we require you to provide an SSL certificate when implementing custom domains for your account.


Getting Started: 

  • Notify your implementation consultant (IC) or customer success manager (CSM) that your company is interested in implementing a custom domain.

  • Obtain an SSL certificate for your custom domain. Here are two options for obtaining an SSL certificate:

    • Purchase an SSL certificate for the custom domain from a certificate signing request (CSR). You can request a certificate signing request (CSR) from your IC or CSM.
      • A CSR is required for purchasing an SSL certificate.

    • Your IT team may already have a process for obtaining an SSL certificate. Webdam will require the private key in addition to the SSL certificate.

      NOTE: See Additional information below for accepted SSL certificates.

  • Provide SSL certificate to your CSM or Webdam Support.

  • Have your IT team set up a CNAME record for the custom domain to point to your Webdam domain.

  • Webdam will notify you once the SSL certificate is set up. You can now securely access your Webdam account through your custom domain.


Additional information on SSL Certificate:

  • Webdam supports the following certificate types:
    • Single domain (most common)
    • Subject alternative name (SAN)

  • Webdam-installed certificate on an Apache web server.

  • Certificate must be provided in PEM format.


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