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The option to log in as a teammate gives admins the ability to view Webdam as another user for troubleshooting and/or training purposes.

For example, before rolling out the DAM to all users, an admin might want to view Brand Connect as a user to ensure that everything (including permissions) is set up properly.

Once logged in as a teammate, you will view Webdam from that user’s perspective and be able to perform all actions based on that user’s group permissions. Any action that you perform will display in the corresponding report. For example, logging in as a teammate will display in the Login Tracker report, while any downloads will display in the Download Tracker report. Admins are only able to login to contributor, regular user and brand portal users accounts. Only the primary admin is able to login to another admin account. 


Log in as a teammate:

  • Log in to Webdam.

  • Click Teams in the top navigation panel and select Users.

  • Navigate or search for the user you want to impersonate.

  • Under the Actions column to the far right, click the   icon and choose Log in as a teammate. This will log you in as the user in the same browser and tab.

  • Admins may log in as any user except other admins. Only the main site admin will have access to log in as other admins.
  • To log out: Log out of Brand Connect or Webdam as you normally would. You will be directed back to the login screen, where you can log back in as the admin.

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    Carey Ivison
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    Great feature but does not appear to be showing up.

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    Brett Masters
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    @Carey - Thank you for reaching out. If you are unable to access the Log In as a Teammate option, please log a ticket with the support team. They will be able to address this for you. Thanks!

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