Release Notes - July 2024

As a valued Webdam customer, we wanted to inform you about upcoming updates to improve your Webdam experience. 

Features included in this release: 

UI Refresh Early Access Launch

The much-anticipated UI refresh for Webdam has launched for our early access customers, bringing a new look and improved usability of the core DAM. If you are interested in getting first access or learning more about the Early Access launch, reach out to your CSM today.

Large Picklist Support

For customers managing long lists of values in metadata picklists, we have enhanced our API and app to better support their updating. A new feature flag can be enabled to facilitate easier management within your metadata schema. Please reach out to your CSM if you would like to learn more.


Google Workspace (LinkrUI)

You can now search and select assets from the DAM directly within Google Workspace applications. Integrating your DAM with Google Workspace enhances team collaboration by ensuring a single source of truth for your digital assets and eliminating the need to switch between platforms.

Learn more here.


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