Release Notes - January 2024

As a valued Webdam customer, we wanted to let you know about some upcoming updates that’ll make your Webdam experience even better. 

New Custom Date Facets

We've added a new facet section to Brand Connect! All date-formatted metadata fields will be organized into the Custom Date Fields section to allow your users to easily filter by tagged date ranges regardless of user format settings

Asset Transparency Bugs

Issues related to asset preview generation and the correct display of transparent backgrounds have been worked on and addressed. Please reach out to Support if you have specific questions regarding your ticket. 

Notification Inconsistencies

Our team is working to address some inconsistencies related to notifications in Webdam. Some fixes have already been released while we continue to work to resolve all outstanding tickets. Please contact your CSM if you have questions regarding individual tickets.



Work more efficiently by automatically moving assets in SharePoint folders to your DAM without downloading from SharePoint and re-uploading. Automatically upload assets to folders and subfolders, and apply metadata before adding final versions to the DAM, saving you time and effort.

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