Release Notes - February 2024

As a valued Webdam customer, we wanted to let you know about some upcoming updates that’ll make your Webdam experience even better. 

Version Handling

We've released a few fixes to address issues with incorrect handling of versions in Webdam to ensure your teams are always working with the right instance of your files. If you have questions about specific tickets, please reach out to our Support team for assistance.

Webdam Webinar On Demand

Join the Webdam team and meet our new Chief Product Officer in our most recent Webinar, now available on demand. Listen in as we take a look back at the features, functionality, and initiatives we worked on in 2023, as well as a sneak peek into whats coming next in 2024.


OneDrive Integration

Work more efficiently by automatically moving assets in OneDrive folders to your Webdam account without downloading from OneDrive and re-uploading to Webdam. Automatically upload assets to folders and subfolders, and apply metaproperties before adding final versions to the DAM, saving you time and effort.

Learn more here 

Agility CMS Connector

Streamline collaboration among teams, ensuring accurate and consistent content across various platforms by accessing the assets you need from within Agility CMS. Enable efficient content delivery, dynamic linking of media files with content, version control, asset tracking, and automation of tasks, enhancing workflow efficiency and user experience.

Learn more here 


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