Release Notes - April 2024

As a valued Webdam customer, we wanted to let you know about some upcoming updates that will make your Webdam experience even better. 

Features included in this release: 

Platform Efficiency

With a focus on efficiency, our team has been updating and optimizing processes behind the scenes. We've been working on email notifications and version handling and will continue to prioritize opportunities for improvement.

Customer Tickets

Another quarter-long priority for the team was dedicating time each development cycle to customer issues. This allowed us to release fixes for issues related to custom download presets, Brand Connect dashboards, advanced searches, and more. Contact our Support Team for further assistance with specific tickets.


New Partner Integration: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Connector

Access the assets you need from Webdam directly in your email template editor to speed up campaign execution, reduce risks to brand reputation, and eliminate process bottlenecks when creating and delivering content.

Learn more here

New Partner Integration: Marq

Ensure brand consistency by utilizing Webdam as your centralized location for storing, organizing, and searching for assets directly from within Marq, enabling better collaboration and streamlined processes.

Learn more here


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