Release Notes - June 2024

As a valued Webdam customer, we wanted to inform you about some upcoming updates that will improve your Webdam experience. 

Features included in this release: 

Report Processing

As customer data sets continue to grow, we are working to improve how the system handles delivering large reports. This requires updates to the report processing and delivery queues and balancing platform stability for day-to-day use. We plan to continue refining these processes throughout the quarter.

Platform Investment

Based on your feedback, we are focusing on work that will directly improve your experience working in the DAM for daily activities. We've invested in additional monitoring tools, updated email processing, and worked to improve download queues!



Integrating with Webdam will enable Workfront users to sync and map metadata from their Workfront documents directly into their asset library via Workfront status updates. This integration enhances team efficiency by removing the need to switch between the two systems, ensuring content remains consistently up-to-date across platforms.


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