Dropbox Integration

The Dropbox Integration makes it easy to move files back and forth between Webdam and Dropbox. You can use it to quickly centralize assets stored in various personal Dropbox accounts and distribute files to people who don’t have access to your DAM.

This integration is available to Enterprise and Professional users with download and/or upload access in Webdam core, but first must be enabled by your admin.

This integration is part of the Integrations Hub

This article covers the following topics:

Enable the Dropbox integration (admins):

  1. Click  in the top navigation and select System Preferences.  
  2. In the Cloud Sharing Settings section, click  the Cloud sharing channels box and choose Dropbox.
  3. Click Save.

Sending assets to Dropbox

Regular users and contributors with download access can start sending assets to Dropbox once the admin has enabled the integration.


  • Log in to Webdam.
  • Click an asset to get to the asset details page, then click  in the actions toolbar. 
  • Choose Dropbox from the dropdown menu.




  • The first time you choose to send an asset to Dropbox, you'll need to click Add Integration.




  • Log in with your Dropbox credentials.




  • In the pop-up, create a new Dropbox folder or choose an existing one.


  • Click Send – the file will go to the selected folder


You can use a lightbox to send multiple assets to Dropbox at once:


  • Add the assets you would like to send to a lightbox. (Learn more about lightboxes here.)
  • Click  in the actions toolbar.
  • Choose Dropbox from the dropdown menu.
  • In the pop-up, create a new Dropbox folder or choose an existing one.
  • Click Send – the files will go to the selected folder.

Uploading assets to Webdam

To send assets from Dropbox to Webdam, you'll need to have upload permission in Webdam.


  • Select the folder where the assets will be uploaded to.
  • Click Upload in the actions toolbar. Note: If you do not see the Upload option, you may not have the appropriate permissions to upload (ask your Webdam admin to change this setting) or you have not selected a folder.
  • Select the Dropbox tab and click the Choose from Dropbox button. 

  • Select the asset(s) you wish to upload to Webdam and click Choose.
  • Click Minimize to continue working in the system while your upload is processing.
  • Note: The newly uploaded files will appear in the folder as Asset Processing while the preview thumbnail is being generated. 


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