Save and Share Assets From the Webdam+ Mobile App

This article will cover how to:


Save or Share Assets

  • Log in to the mobile app, tap the Hamburger.png icon and select Assets.

  • Tap into a folder and/or navigate to the asset you you’d like to save/download.

Note: At this time, only image files can be saved or shared.

From the List or Thumbnail View:

  • Tap the actions_in_mobile.png icon along the right side of the asset (list view) or bottom of the asset (thumbnail view) and select Export.

  • You can choose which way you’d like to share the asset or save it to your device.

From the Asset Details page:

  • Tap an asset to view the Asset Details page.

  • Tap the export export.png icon and choose which way you’d like to share the image or save it to your device.


View or Store Assets Offline

Images can be stored offline (locally) for easy access/viewing in the event your device isn’t connected to the internet or a cellular network.

Make assets available offline:

  • Navigate to an asset.

  • Tap the icon actions_in_mobile.png (thumbnail or list view) or the export export.png icon (asset details page), and select Make available offline.

  • The current version of the asset will be saved to your device.

  • To remove an from your offline list, navigate to the asset you’d like to remove, tap the icon actions_in_mobile.png and select Remove from offline.  

View offline assets:

  • Tap the Hamburger.png icon, under Assets, select Local. Local assets are marked with a blue checkmark.



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