Event Notifications

Event notifications can be enabled for Enterprise customers to provide near real-time alerts about changes made to assets in your DAM.

Typical use cases

  • You have a PIM system and need to know when new assets are uploaded or deleted so the system can be updated.
  • You distribute assets on a third-party website (such as your corporate website) and need to know when assets have been updated so you can make the required changes.


Enable Event Notifications

To use event notifications, you’ll need to enable it in your DAM as well as configure your Amazon SNS or SQS account to relay messages between the your DAM and the desired client.

  • Log in to Webdam

  • Click the gear_icon.png icon on the top navigation and select System Preferences.

  • Click Event Notifications on the left-hand panel.


  • You’ll need to complete the Messaging Service Setup section with information provided from your messaging service. Refer to Amazon’s SNS and SQS documentation to learn where you can find this information as well as how to setup the relay.
  • In the Select Event Notifications section, choose which events you’d like to receive notifications for.
    • Full notifications include asset ID, filename, metadata fields (metadata name and value), keywords, the action performed (like "Asset upload", "Asset deletion", "Metadata updates"), who triggered the event, and the timestamp .

    • Minimal notifications include asset ID, the action performed, the timestamp.

Feature is only available in Enterprise subscription plans.


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