What is Content Workflow?

What is Content Workflow?

Content Workflow allows you to manage the end-to-end lifecycle of structured text content, making it easy to scale up content production. Create, review, and approve content without juggling documents, chasing feedback, or copying and pasting into your publishing tools.

The Content Workflow module helps you organize and produce large volumes of written content. From articles and blog posts to entire website builds or complex marketing campaigns.



Content Workflow is a fully integrated version of the standalone Content Operations platform GatherContent by Webdam.


What can Content Workflow do for you?

A powerful set of features to help you accelerate your content operations, taking better quality content to market, in a fraction of the time.


Structured templates

Create templates for the types of content you are producing to make sure authors and editors know exactly what is needed. This allows you to scale up content production, without compromising on standards.

Learn how to create and manage templates


Real-time collaboration on text content

Work with your colleagues and stakeholders in real-time, giving in-line feedback on text, and using notifications and comment mentions, simplifying the editing process.


Flexible workflow

Pass your content through a clear set of workflow steps, giving you the confidence that all your requirements have been met, and nothing has been missed before you go live.

Learn how to set up and manage workflows


Direct integration with your publishing channels

Using integrations or the API, you can seamlessly publish content wherever it needs to go. Create once, publish anywhere.

Learn more about available integrations here


To learn more about the Content Workflow module, please contact your Customer Success Manager


For a full product how-to, please check out the GatherContent Help Center here.


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