Release Notes - October 2023

As a valued Webdam customer, we wanted to let you know about some upcoming updates that’ll make your Webdam experience even better.

Features in this release:

Default Brand Portal

As more customers leverage multiple portals, there has been a growing need for the open in Brand Connect options to be more responsive. These icons will now display a slash if the asset has not been published to your default portal, and we will be adding additional functionality to this flow in 2024.



New Storage Google Drive, Dropbox and Box integrations now available

With our new storage connectors, managing your digital assets and migrating them between platforms is more efficient than ever! Collaborate within Google Drive, Box, or Dropbox and then automatically sync finalized assets to Webdam for use and distribution.


New Partner Connector: ButterCMS

Access digital assets from Webdam, your single source of truth, from within the ButterCMS dashboard. With digital assets in one centralized location, collaborating, organizing, and sharing with internal and external stakeholders is a breeze.

Learn more here

Platform Stability Initiatives

Building additional dashboards to better monitor platform performance, creating additional alerting tools, server and PHP upgrades are some of the latest tech initiatives we worked hard on! All of this with the singular goal of maintaining a Webdam platform that you and your users can continue to use and build on!




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