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Getty is a royalty-free image library where you can find countless creative stock photos, vector art illustrations, stock photography and high definition videos.

Do you have Getty assets that you would like to store in Webdam? By using our Getty connector you can sync your licensed Getty media with Webdam making sure all your assets are in one centralized place.

Tell me More About the Getty Connector

The Getty Connector allows users to synchronize their existing assets and new purchases in Getty with Webdam. Once a user connects their Getty account to Webdam the assets will be pushed to Webdam every 24 hours. This includes existing Getty imagery that users have available under their account as well as newly purchased files after the connection has been set up.

If the assets in Getty are embedded with metadata and/or keywords this data will be automatically sent over to Webdam during the synchronization process. Any custom metadata the users tagged the files with in Getty won't be copied to Webdam. 

The users will have their Getty assets sent to a unique folder in Webdam. The username of the Getty user will be used as folder name. Once synced, users can move the assets from this folder into other folders. 

Portal administrators can delete Getty user accounts from their Wedam portal when they are inactive or no longer with the organization. This ensures that the connected Getty account will no longer sync with the Webdam portal. 

How to Enable the Getty Connector?

Contact your Customer Success Manager if you would like to have the Getty Connector enabled for your portal. We'll be happy to further assist you in setting this up.

Users need a Getty account in order to make use of the Getty Connector.

How to Synchronize my Getty Account with Webdam? 

If the Getty connector is enabled for your portal you can follow the steps below to sync your Getty account with Webdam.

  1. Log in to your Webdam portal. 
  2. Click your name in the top right corner and click Add-on Settings.
  3. Open the Extras tab.
  4. Click Getty and enter your Getty credentials.
  5. Click Connect and wait for the confirmation that the account is connected. 
  6. Click Done to close the screen.

The assets that are available under your Getty account as well as any future Getty purchases you make will be synced with Webdam every 24 hours. The files will be available under a unique folder, which will have the same name as your Getty username. 

The first sync may take more than 24 hours depending on what time of the day you connected your Getty account.

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    If we have a corporate Getty account, will this connector work for all of the downloads or just the individual user?

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