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The Webdam Connector for Drupal is the ultimate shortcut – you can sync your digital assets with your Drupal website, and seamlessly use content from your DAM within all the websites you maintain. With the Connector you can

  • Search and browse Webdam assets while staying logged in to Drupal
  • View, import and sync asset metadata into fields in your media entities
  • Select Webdam assets directly through the Entity Browser on the Media field or through the WYSIWYG editor

Read more about  using the Drupal Connector here.


Frequently asked questions 

Who will have access to content in Webdam once the connector is installed?

Only credentialed Webdam users will be able to access assets. User authentication is required to use the connector.

Is metadata viewable?


What metadata is shown?

Webdam metadata can only be mapped over if the field is supported in Drupal. Users will only see the metadata admins have made available and that they have permissions to view..

Are changes I make to metadata in Webdam synced in Drupal?

Yes, the fields admins map to Drupal will be synced according to the frequency chosen by the admin.

Are assets linked or downloaded?

Both can be done. We recommend reference URLS to ensure the version stays up to date.  However assets can also be downloaded into Drupal to give users the freedom to render or manipulate assets.

How does the Connector handle expired or retired assets?

These assets will also expire in Drupal and any sites where they have been embedded using the Entity Browser.

For this to happen, make sure to map the Webdam Asset Status to the Publishing Status field in Drupal.

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