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This article covers set up of the Webdam integration for Wistia. This integration allows you to send videos housed in your DAM directly to Wistia where they can be integrated into new or existing projects.


Integration set up in Wistia:

  • Log in to your Wistia account.
  • Click on Account in the top navigation and select Settings.
  • Under Advanced, select OAuth Applications from the list of options.
  • On the OAuth Applications screen, click New Application.


  • Complete the form by entering the following information in each field:


  • Click Save which will return you to the OAuth Applications screen.
  • Select the Webdam Integration from the application list. This will open a form.


  • Copy and paste the Client ID and Client Secret to a location where they can be easily referenced – they will be required to finish setting up the integration in Webdam’s System Preferences.


Integration set up in Webdam:

  • Log in to Webdam, click the settings_blue.png icon and select System Preferences.
  • Go to the Cloud Sharing Settings and select Wistia from the Cloud sharing channels drop-down.
    • Paste the Client ID and Client Secret in their respective fields and click Save.


  • To activate the integration, navigate to a video in your asset library and open it in the Asset Details view. Click the icon and select Wistia.
  • To enable the integration, click “Add integration”.



  • Log in to your Wistia account and select the account you’d like to connect. After successfully adding the account, exit the confirmation screen.


Video Export to Wistia:

  • Navigate to to a video in your asset library and open it in the Asset Details view. Click theShare_icon.png icon and select Wistia.
  • The dialogue window will show the projects associated with the selected Wistia account. Select the project you want to export to and click Send. You can also export a new project by clicking  Create new project.
    • Request are queued in the background and processing times depend on the size of the file.
    • When the video has finished processing, Webdam metadata Custom Field 16 will be updated with the Wistia video player code.  



Additional options

To use the Wistia video player inside the Webdam Asset Details page, instead of the regular Webdam video player:

  • Click the settings icon settings_blue.png and select System Preferences. Under Assets, check the box next to Enable Wistia Player.
  • When you open a video in your asset library that has already been exported to Wistia,  the video that plays back will be the file stored in Wistia.
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