Using Lightboxes on Your Mobile Device


All of your lightboxes are available to view, download or share from your mobile device. (Read more about lightboxes in Webdam.)

This article covers the following topics:

    • Add assets
    • Remove assets
    • Invite users to collaborate
    • Remove collaborators
    • Comment


Access your lightboxes:

  • Log in to the mobile app.

  • Click on the actions toolbar.


Create a lightbox:

  • Click .

  • Enter the lightbox name.

  • Click Ok.

Add assets:

  • Navigate to the asset you want to add.
  • From the list view of assets, click then . If you’re on the asset details page, click  then .
  • Choose the desired lightbox from the menu, then click Done.  


Remove assets:

  • Click , then click the lightbox you want to remove an asset from.

  • Click next to the asset you want to remove, then click .

  • Click OK.


Collaborate on a lightbox:

You can invite other Webdam users to collaborate on a lightbox. Collaborators can add comments and modify the lightbox.

Invite users to collaborate:

  • In the lightbox view, click then .

  • Enter the email address(es) and a message (optional).

  • If you want the recipients to be able to modify the lightbox, check the Can modify box. This allows them to edit lightbox information and add and remove assets.

  • Click +Add.

Remove collaborators:

  • In the lightbox view, click the lightbox you want to remove a collaborator from.
  • Click  then .
  • Click the X next to collaborator you want to remove.


You can add comments to the lightbox or individual assets. By default, users will receive an in-system notification and email when a collaborator comments or modifies a lightbox. (Read more about watching and notifications.)

  • Lightbox comment: In the lightbox view, click the lightbox you want to comment on. Click . Enter your comment and click Post.

  • Asset comment: Click next to the asset and select . Enter your comment and click Post
    • Assets with comments will display a icon showing the number of comments. Comments will only be visible to collaborators added to the lightbox.


Email a download of a lightbox:

Users with download permission can email a download of a lightbox to other users. The recipient does not need to be a Webdam user; however, they will only be able to download the asset for a set amount of time. (Read more about emailing a download of a single asset from the mobile app.)

  • Click , then click the lightbox you want to email.
  • From the lightbox view, click and select .
  • Enter the email address(es) a subject and message (optional).
  • Click  to set the expiration date – this is how long the user has to download the asset.
  • Click Send Download.
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