WebDAM Release - Creative Automation & PowerPoint Management


WebDAM’s latest release includes powerful features that automate creative tasks, provide superior PowerPoint management , and more!  

Details about Release: Custom Download Profiles for File Conversions: Admin has the ability to create download profiles to convert files to different file types, resolutions, dimensions, and color spaces automatically.

  • Access to download profiles for users can be set at the group level.
  • Option to allow groups to create their own profiles also available at the group level.
  • File type conversions are available for the following file types:
  • Convert any image or graphic file type to jpeg, png, tiff, bmp, gif, pdf.
  • Convert to any DPI – common DPIs include 72 for web-optimized, 300 for professional printing services, and 150 DPI for desktop printing.
  • Convert to specific dimensions based on width or height – system will resize with a locked aspect ratio.
  • Convert color space to RGB, CMYK, or Grayscale.
  • Assets can be converted individually or in batch.
PowerPoint and PDF Management:
  • In-page viewing for PowerPoint and PDF files.
  • Full screen view for PowerPoint and PDF files.
  • Full screen view compatible with mobile devices.

Download Invite Enhancements: Users that have the ability to send a download invite can now extend the length of time that download is available. This was previously 48 hours; user can now choose to make the download available for up to 30 days.

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