Using the Webdam+ Mobile App

The Webdam mobile app extends the most essential functions of Webdam and Workstream to your phone or tablet. Admins and contributors can easily upload, download and distribute assets from wherever you are. It’s perfect for keeping projects moving while on-the-go.

Note: The Webdam app does not currently support brand portals, brand portal users should continue to use the desktop or mobile website as their primary point of access.


The app is available for the following devices:  

  • iPhone 5s and later, iOS 11.1 and up

You can download the mobile app for free from the Apple App Store

Note: The Webdam+ Mobile App is not available for the Google Play Store or Android devices.

This article covers the essentials of using the Webdam app, including how to:


Log in:

Download the app and open it to view the login screen.

  • Enter your Webdam username and password, then tap Login.

    • Some Enterprise customers may be asked to do an Enterprise Sign-in.

Note: Your username can be found by logging in to Webdam on your computer, click your name and select Profile.

If you use the same username/password combination for multiple Webdam instances, it’s advisable create either unique usernames (may not be possible with SSO accounts) and/or passwords to avoid login errors and ensure you log in to the desired account.

  • When you log in to the app for the first time, you’ll be presented with a short tutorial. You can skip it or swipe through the slides.


Access Your Library:

  • Click the Hamburger.png icon and select Assets.  From here you can access:

    • All - includes everything from your DAM.



      • Lightboxes - list of lightboxes you have access to.

    • Local - where assets you’ve made available offline are stored. It’s useful to store assets here if you anticipate not having internet/network access for your mobile device.

  • To exit the main menu, tap on the right side of your screen.




Switch Views:

You can choose to display Assets in thumbnail or list view.

  • If in thumbnail view, click the list icon list_view_mobile.png in the upper right corner.
  • If in list view, click the thumbnail icon thumbnail_mobile.png in the upper right corner.


Sort folders or assets:


  • To sort folders or assets, click the sort arrows sort_arrow.jpg in the upper right corner to sort folders/assets by Name, Last modified or Size.
  • Tap the asc_desc.png next to the sort option to switch between an ascending or descending order.




Search Assets:  

Search in the Webdam mobile app searches across metadata, keywords and file names allowing you to quickly find what you’re looking for.

  • To search for an asset, tap the Hamburger.png icon and select Assets.

  • Choose which assets you’d like to search by selection All, Lightboxes or Local.

  • Tap on the search icon search.png and enter the term you’d like to search for.

    • As you type, the app will suggest relevant assets based on the current term in search bar.

  • When you’re finished typing tap Done.

  • Use the sort_arrow.jpg icon to sort search results. Select Name, Last modified or Size to modify your search results.

  • To clear the search field, click X on the right side of the search bar. To exit the search results page, tap the back < icon on the left side of the search bar.  



Asset Details:

When you select an asset, you’ll be taken to the Asset Details page where you can perform the following actions:

Note: Some icons may be unavailable based on your permissions. If you have questions about available actions, please contact your admin.



  • add-to-lightbox.png asset to lightbox

  • export.png save, share or export an asset

  • more_actions.png reveals more options

  • versions.png view version history

  • approvals.png view the approval status

  • metadata.png view metadata (metadata is unable to be added or edited in the app)

  • keywords.png view keywords (keywords are unable to be added or edited in the app)

  • vertical-kebab.png (upper right) add asset to a task or project (Workstream users only) or make the asset available offline


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