Dynamic Templates Extension - CC2017


This article covers the following topics:

  • Install the Dynamic Templates extension for InDesign CC2017
  • Link to follow the configuration steps
  • Features unavailable in this version of Dynamic Templates extension

Install the Dynamic Templates Management extension:

Download the Dynamics Templates extension (Windows 5MB – Mac 21MB) and run through the install.


Link to follow the configuration steps:

Click here to follow the configuration steps.


Features unavailable in this version of Dynamic Templates extension:

1) Dynamic Templates Tags and HTML panels.
2) The advanced preflight window which allows fixing issues.
3) Size presets.
4) The ability to download a customized job.

The full version is coming at the end of March 2017.


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  • Avatar
    Troy Lissoway

    On my system (MacOS 10.11.6), the installer stalls out while verifying. Is anyone else reporting this problem?

  • Avatar
    Sean Johnson

    Hi Troy,

    Thanks for reaching out to Webdam! I'm sorry to see you're experiencing issues while using the connector.

    There is a newer build of this connector. I've included the updated links below.
    Mac: https://siliconpublishingdev.box.com/s/sc55444olvgjovxyl5xmu6q1uwrk5bic
    Win: https://siliconpublishingdev.box.com/s/1e6y8ldox4c55sxzpqeebkpt5tus6tbj

    Installing this new version should correct this issue. If not, please let me know and I'll be happy to further assist you.

  • Avatar
    Matt Roush

    Was the full version of this extension (with tags, advanced pre-flight, etc) ever released? I can't find it or any updates about it anywhere. Thanks!

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